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    MAIN COURSES Works founded in 1989 by award winning chef Jill Kucera, offers several cooking class series a year. The class I took, making homemade pasta, was part of an Italian cooking series taught by guest chef and former Catering Works employee (Joyce) Tarentino... While we've been working on dough with Tarantino, Jill Kucera has been preparing commercial-size portions of ingredients: two pounds of butter, a half-gallon of heavy cream, and large jars of spices.

  • Business Wire

    Business Wire

    JOHNSON & WALES UNIVERSITY SALUTES BACARDI RECIPE CLASSIC WINNERS; $27,000 in Cash Prizes to be Awarded to J&W Alumni. the Plated Dessert/Pastry category winner, Jill Kucera, receives $10,000 cash award.

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    Chef Magazine

    RICHS FOOD WINNING IS SWEET RECIPE CONTEST Jill Kucera, owner of catering Works was recognized as one of the top ten contestants in a recipe contest sponsored by Riches food and held at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park NY. Her recipe was a White Chocolate Caramelized Banana Créme Tart.

  • Lorin Laxton of Catering Works provides ideas for holiday entertaining

Catering Works is an off-premise catering and special event planning company located in Raleigh, North Carolina. We serve the Triangle area, and other regions in and out of North Carolina. At the core of Catering Works success is a dedicated team of professionals, committed to preparing and presenting the highest quality recipes and beverages with artistic vision and finesse. We offer simple delivery drop off, elaborate full service events and everything in between!
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