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Megan Prato

Personal Chef

Megan grew up in Stroudsburg, PA until she was 14 were she first learned her passion for cooking working alongside her grandfather! Every day in the kitchen making Italian food and baking cookies. Her parents then moved her to Naples, FL where she started her high school years. She took a Culinary Arts program all four years at her high school. She then continued her journey to Johnson and Wales in North Miami, FL and got her associates in Culinary Arts. In her second year of school she accepted an internship with a catering company back home in Naples, FL. That's where she learned a ton about the industry and ended up taking a full-time job with them after graduating. She got to take la lot of research and development trips with the crew to San Francisco, New York and her favorite Oaxaca, Mexico where she went to cooking school for 2 weeks. Her favorite cuisine to cook is Mexican. She was with Carolina Catering for six years and then decided to take a new adventure. She moved to Raleigh, NC to get a change of scenery and learn new skills from new chefs so she ended up here at Catering works! She loves her freedom to give menu ideas and show her creativity on plate ups at big events. In her free time, Megan loves to workout, go camping and go out to EAT!