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James Flynn


James, in one way or another has always been connected to the Entertainment/Hospitality/Retail Industry. James attended the University of Edinboro majoring in Communications, as well as Disney University in Anaheim CA in their management intern program.

James grew up in the mountains of southwestern Pennsylvania and moved to Los Angeles in 1986. James moved to Raleigh from Los Angeles in 1993 after spending four years as the Attraction Operations Manager of the Queen Mary and Spruce Goose Complex in Long Beach, CA. 

James got his Human Resource Experience from work with The Disney Corporation, NIKE, and The Nature Company. Wanting to leave the world of corporate giants and life of travel, James joined the Catering Works team in 2000 as the Human Resource Director. “It was exactly what I wanted” says James, a small, local and hugely successful family run business with nothing but growth before them.

Since joining the company James has seen Catering Works grow to a leader in the catering business in the Carolinas. In 2006 James became General Manager of the company and in 2007 James was made a partner in the business by Jill Kucera the founder of Catering Works. Jill, her sister Lorin and James have been able to keep the family feel of the business as it grows as well as maintaining the professionalism needed for a successful operation.

“We all enjoy what we do at Catering Works. I now have 2 sisters and an extended family, what more could you ask for.” James owes his success and personality to his upbringing and his family. "My parents let me find out who I was, I had several rock bands, was in theater, traveled and enjoyed life. Their only rules were to have a job and go to church."

“I have the best Mom and Dad anyone could ever have.”