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 Professional Affiliations & Credentials

  • NC Florist Association
  • Greater Triangle Florist Association
  • The Flower Shop Network
  • NACE
  • Floriology Institute, mentoring under Jackie Lacey
  • NC State Certification, Hands On Design School   

EW Fulcher, Event Design & Sales

#makeitpretty   Where were you born? Norfolk, Virginia  What is your favorite Catering Works recipe? Corn Cake with Duck Confit and Sweet Pepper Sauce ('mmm 'mmm!)  What is your favorite part of the job at Bloom Works? I love to create, to bring in furnishings, decor, pretty flowers, lighting whatever is required to set the mood for the event and make it stand apart from others. Working with brides, laughing with them, bringing them into the shop and consulting on their mood boards and creative ideas and developing a comfortable rapport. Seeing the results of months of planning and coordinating, and how it all comes together. What's the most memorable event you ever worked on and why? The Red Hat International Conference was held many many years ago, but it was really memorable - very high energy gala, with acrobats and entertainers, crazy props, lighting galore, bus rides with costumed performers wearing red hats! A lot of details but the theme was carried throughout it so well and I made a lot of good industry friends during the process. Ask Me?...Where should I begin? My time in jail (just kidding)? My sixth toe? Life on Hatteras comes to mind, I had the fortunate opportunity to grow up there and have many fond memories of my Dad's nautical life!


Pam Reynolds, Lead Designer

#flowerpower  Where were you born? Toledo, Ohio  What is your favorite Catering Works recipe? Tarragon Chicken Salad  What is your favorite part of the job at Bloom Works? Creating and designing beautiful fresh floral arrangements for all our clients,  corporate, special events and weddings.  Seeing the smile on a bride's face when the final bouquet is delivered! Just the excitement of all the events, no matter what the occasion, I get caught up in the personal side of the story for my clients and it's very rewarding. What is the most memorable event you worked on and why? Ever since the inception of the North Carolina Museum of Art "Art in Bloom" series, we have been participating.  It is a really challenging endeavor and we're so honored to be a part of it.  This past year, the campaign for the floral sculpture in the trash cans that were placed in different areas of Raleigh was so cool. It's a lot of hard work, but the result is worth it. I put a lot of time into researching the piece of art that I've been assigned to interpret, so that in itself, learning about the artwork is very inspiring. My last piece was an August Rodin sculpture and I felt the subject was very moving and dear to my heart, it was about a woman who landed victoriously on her feet after much strife and oppression during the Franco-Prussian war (at least that's the reader's digest version). So, looking at the art and conceiving a design that is not just a literal interpretation of the lines and colors in the artwork, but to evoke the feeling, that is something truly special to do. Ask Me? About my time in Europe. I spotted my first husband through a pair of binoculars at a Willie Nelson concert and before the year was up I was living in Germany!