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Cooking Charlie - Pecan Pie with Blackstrap Molasses and Sweet Curry Crust

Posted to Traditional, Recipes, Inspiration, Food by Donna Levy

This dessert recipe was fairly easy and familiar.  After numerous holiday seasons, we can definitely say we know our way around a pecan pie. 

This pecan pie, however, did have some interesting spices added.  Curry powder in the crust yielded a bright yellow hue and a somewhat savory note to the pie.  The orange caramel balanced the overwhelming sweetness that is sometimes characteristic of a pecan pie.  The candied pecans that garnished the plate were spiced with curry, paprika, black pepper, and cayenne for just a touch of spice throughout out the dish.  Overall, the pie was delicious and beautiful to plate, but we did find the curry flavor to be a little lacking throughout the dish and next time we will definitely amp up the curry in both the crust and candied pecans.  


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