Helping Hands

When a little extra help is needed for your corporate or private social events, but the full service packages don't meet your needs, we offer Helping Hands.  Below is an outline of what you can expect.

What we do:

Attend the buffet:  setup, change chaffer inserts, ensure spills are wiped up, ensure tables are protected from heat, assist with serving guests food as needed

Bartending for Beer and Wine service only: setup bar, ice down product 1 to 2 hours ahead of start time, serve beer or wine to guests, up to 30 guests.

Clean up the food and beverage and staging area

If proper trash receptacles are not on site, Catering Works will carry trash away.

We will determine if the client is providing other food and service ware for the event, and what the plans are for managing the setup and cleanup of those items.  If platters provided by Catering Works are necessary for the clients’ food, we can bring them.  Helping Hands can assist with light dishwashing as needed, utilizing client’s dishwasher, but generally hand washing heirloom china is out of our purview.

Our team will provide courteous service, arrive on time, check in with the client to ensure they are happy and perform their duties with enthusiasm and efficiency.  Our mission is to meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

What we do not do:

Catering Works does not carry cleaning equipment such as vacuums, brooms or mops.  At the clients request, if a broom and dustpan is available, we will sweep anything up that has fallen onto the floor during the event – food, napkins, etc. 

Move furniture

Pass hors d’oeuvres, action stations, plated service, liquor bars.  If these services are required, our full service event division can handle the event.

Spend time on cell phones, unless there is a requirement to contact a manager at Catering Works

What we need:

Access to the party space 1 to 2 hours prior to start time.  An area to stage food, a garage or kitchen, out of view of guests.  Information regarding steps, elevators or other obstructions which may delay our team from getting to the desired location.  Key codes or key fobs to access the party’s location, if necessary, or assurance that client or appointed contact is available to meet our team upon arrival.  Designated parking area and proximity to event space.