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Food Safety, the health of our employees and clients is our number one priority.  A critical part of our business is food safety practices.  We are and will continue to follow CDC guidelines regarding COVID19 for safety, wearing mask, social distancing, among the many other precautions.  Majority of our team is vaccinated. With the current climate being so fluid, we understand our clients have continued concerns about vaccines, masks, and additional safety measures. We take those concerns serious and have made adjustments to accommodate those concerns.  We can accommodate clients and provide rapid COVID19 test kits for additional fees or will accommodate clients who have the kits available.

With the current challenges COVID has presented, to accommodate COVID19 related requests including vaccinated staff, Covid testing prior to deliveries and pickups, etc. we require a minimum of a week notice for delivery orders. Special event contracts require a notice once the contract is signed, or a minimum of 30 days’ notice prior to the event. We always do our best to accommodate last-minute changes. If less notice is given, we will do our best to accommodate. 

Current Safety Practices

At Catering Works, we take the health of our employees and customers very seriously and continue to incorporate CDC recommendations.  These are our current practices:

  • Limited access to Catering Works, Bloom Works, and the Laurelbrook. No outside customers, vendors or people other than our core group of employees may enter our spaces. Customers wishing to order meals for curbside pickup are limited to the parking lot or truck bay only.
  • Masks required to enter our facility.
  • Gloved food preparation
  • Gloved food delivery whether curbside pickup, residential or corporate delivery
  • Proper spacing of individually boxed meals in the corporate environment
  • Social distancing amongst our workforce on the job and off
  • Hand sanitizing stations throughout our facility and in our vehicles
  • Our employees understand that if they are symptomatic, they do not come to work.
  • Daily disinfecting of all facilities including doorknobs, countertops, phones, keypads, keyboards, mice, tools, kitchen equipment, and kitchen preparation surfaces

Despite the uncertainty of COVID-19, we expect to continue to deliver the same level of service and excellence to our customers. We are here to serve you and continue to operate safely and effectively. 


Additional Food Safety Recommendations

Individually Boxed Meals

Boxed lunches are one of the most popular items on Catering Works menu. Salads and other cold foods may also be boxed. This service is offered free of charge.

Deli Menu PDF

Attended Buffet Service

Catering Works can provide a Buffet Attendant to remain on-site during foodservice The Buffet Attendant will:

  • Keep all foods covered and open chaffing dishes only when necessary
  • Sanitize all serving utensils
  • Serve each guest with gloved hands

Pricing starts at $120 per Buffet Attendant. Your Catering Consultant can advise you of the appropriate number of staff based on your guest count and particulars.


Individual canned sodas, bottled waters, juices and other single service beverage options are available in lieu of bulk served iced tea.  Catering Works offers a .25 credit per serving for bulk served iced tea.

Full Service plated

Catering Works Special Events Team can coordinate a full service event for you. Meals can be individually plated and served directly to each guest at their seating table. Service is sold based on guest count, table count, and menu and time period of event.

Staggered service times

Catering Works can assist in coordinating guests to enter food service area at staggered times. This measure can be effective for events of over 1,000 or more.


Disaster Recovery

Working Hard for Hard Workers

Catering Works is prepared to provide customized meal planning to support relief agencies and responders. We understand the need for groups to work together on protection, prevention, and recovery efforts to respond to the Coronavirus threat. We're experienced in supporting utility companies and other businesses that may temporarily need foodservice for employees working around the clock. We're here for you, and able to customize a menu to suit your budget and scope.



Business Operations

At Catering Works, it is business as usual. Our Catering Consultants are ready to guide you through the process of setting up your catered drop-off deliveries and full service events, and available to answer your questions. Our existing contract includes provisions for rescheduling events in case there is a need to do so. We understand business meetings and events that depend on travel may be contingent, but due to the flow of our process we require as much advance notice as possible to reschedule your events. Food, staffing and other resources needed to fulfill your events are already purchased or committed well in advance of your event date. 

We are disappointed that a few local restaurants in Wake County have been stigmatized by the press and public concerns over the Coronavirus. This type of attitude and behavior can seriously damage a business in the long term. We have always maintained a positive relationship with our customers and truly appreciate their loyalty.

Catering Works has worked hard to create a professional atmosphere that engages and rewards our employees. Our team counts on us to maintain their livelihoods and ensure a positive and healthy workplace. In order to maintain our team's ability to provide exceptional customer service, Catering Works reserves the right to assess full service costs for special events that are rescheduled or cancelled within one week of event date.

Press Release

Raleigh, NC, March 9, 2020 

Catering Works has set in motion an updated health and safety plan to keep our community safe.

We have and always will keep our guests and employees safe by providing fresh, delicious foods from safe vendors and using safe health practices. We have a 99 Health grade and our employees understand and have been trained in ServSafe.

It is very unfortunate that this new virus has caused so much panic and concern and we understand how unsettling it feels to have a case of this in our county. As an employer and a service provider, it is very concerning to see the amount of panic and cancellations and the impact on the livelihood of our team.

We are following the CDC and World Health Organizations guidelines as well as the Wake County Public Health Department rules and regulations. Other control measures we have taken:

  • Added hand sanitizing stations in our vehicles
  • Offering hand sanitizer at buffet lines and at special events
  • Included signage to suggest each guest wash hands before eating and entering buffet/station food line
  • Placed hand sanitizing stations in our lobby, restrooms, kitchen, and in our on-site venue The Laurelbrook
  • Our employees understand that if they are symptomatic, they do not come to work

We here at Catering Works urge you to follow the CDC guidelines on best practice.  We hope that everyone will do their part to control the spreading of this virus as well as the flu.

If you need extra meal service to keep your folks in house, please know we are prepared and are here for you.


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