North Carolina History Museum

One of the very first venues and long standing creative partner relationships, Catering Works and the North Carolina Museum of History have collaborated on literally thousands of events.  A very special venue, housing an impressive collection of artifacts and historical materials relating to the heritage of our great state!

"The past of the North Carolina Museum of History and the past of all North Carolinians are linked together. Through change, challenge, and advancement, we all work toward improvement. We are a people museum—built by people, operated by people, filled with objects that represent and tell the stories of people. We are alive with the past." - NC Museum of History Associates

History in the Making

Frederick Augustus Olds is known as the "father" of the North Carolina History Museum.  Olds was the city editor of the Raleigh News and Observer, and along with publisher Samuel A'Court Ashe, set into motion the initial campaign to save North Carolina's history in the early 1880's.  Olds traveled across North Carolina, picking up pieces of state's history and listening to the stories associated with the artifacts.  The museum was formally founded in 1902.  Since that time, the museum's collection has grown substantially, moved in and out of various State buildings in downtown Raleigh and now boasts over 55,000 square feet of gallery space.  Both permanent and traveling exhibits are featured and the museum encourages it's patrons to visit often and discover the past.

What we love about the NC History Museum

  • Air conditioning and convenient parking make the venue ideal for events all year round, and especially enjoyable during the warm Summer months during the height of the wedding season!
  • The interior is very neutral, allowing for a variety of design styles that do not compete with the exhibits
  • Three unique spaces inside the museum for entertaining accommodate different group sizes, making a cozy party seem cozy and a grand affair for 500 feel comfortable


  • The museum is open to the public until 5 pm daily, the lobby area is not available for special event rentals until 6 pm or later.   This doesn't apply to luncheon events held in the Demo Gallery or Daniels Auditorium
  • Museum installations cannot be moved or dismantled for events

What's on the Menu

Catering Works prepares custom menus for every special event. Contact us today and we can setup a complimentary consultation appointment to determine your likes and dislikes, address food allergies or other concerns if needed, and concoct a plan suited for your individual taste, budget and style.



Catering Works & The North Carolina Museum of History

  • We partnered up with the North Carolina Museum of History Associates in preparing and food styling all the recipes in their cookbook "An Appetizing State"
  • The Tsar's reception event held in November 2013 was one of many beautiful events held at the NCMOH depicting exquisite antiquities.