Let's Get this Party Started!


Planning a special event such as a wedding, corporate reception, holiday or other special occasions, can be overwhelming.  Catering Works is prepared to assist you in navigating the process.  Whether it be in the small details like the color of ribbon used to tie the bridesmaids' bouquet, to the logistics such as provisioning the rental items and ensuring the timeline for the corporate gala is followed to the minute, or making the final menu and beverage selections, our team is experienced, professional and highly creative.  Here are a few tips on what you can expect from Catering Works and in your planning process.


If you are planning a wedding for 12 months from today, a 50th birthday next month, or a VIP dinner next week, we are able to adjust the planning process to meet your schedule.  Timing is crucial in contracting your venue, that is the first item on the checklist of planning a perfect event.  

Venue Selection

Securing the venue is the first step in planning your event. Catering Works has extensive experience at all the local venues on the preferred list to the right. We are always excited to visit new venues and plan events in unique locations, so don't hesitate to ask questions and we will ensure that your menu and other aspects of your event take into consideration the venue specific requirements.


You know when the event will happen, where it will happen, next is how will it happen.  How can you fit 100 people into the space you've secured? How will your guests understand the objective of the event?  How can you satisfy the many tastes of families from opposite sides of the country? How can you ensure the dinner service will be completed prior to the board of director's address to the company? What is the best menu to feature for an event held outdoors in June? How can you make it all happen within the budget you have to work with?  Creative innovation is the answer to all these questions, and our team is ready to craft a plan that suits your taste, vision and overall objectives.  


The 1, 2, 3's of event planning at Catering Works always start with an open ear and open mind.  (1) We will listen to your requests, meet with you in person or over the phone if that is better for you, and get a sense of what you are planning.  We will ask the right questions and offer advice based on our experience of what works well at particular venues, for particular times of year and for your specific guest count and event style.  A preliminary consultation is the starting point, and we can touch on all points of the event - menu, beverage, service, and design.  (2) We will prepare a custom proposal for you to review, with varying price points and options for your consideration.  We offer several complimentary tasting events each year, and that is often a key to determining which menu items and presentation methods you want to utilize (3) Follow up meetings to ensure your wedding menu and details are perfectly meeting your budget, expectations and taste!  Everyone's event and planning details are different and we will customize the process to match your needs and create a final plan. 

Planning Partners

We enjoy working with planning partners and the creative collaboration that happens amongst seasoned special event industry professionals.