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Chef's Table: The convergence of fine art and fine dining

by Halle Lyle on Feb 26, 2024

We are rapidly approaching our next Chef’s Table event at The North Carolina Museum of Art, this time inspired by Fredrick Carl Frieseke’s painting The Garden Parasol. For the dinner, Executive Chef Rich Carter will be incorporating the color, texture, and feeling of the piece into a multi-sensory, gourmet delight.

Guests will learn more about The Garden Parasol from Lauren Applebaum, Jim and Betty Becher, Curator of American Art at the Museum.

To give you a deeper look on what to expect at this multicourse dinner, Catering Works would like to look back at our most recent Chef’s Table event from this past November, which was focused on the North Carolina Museum of Art’s Dutch Art in a Global Age exhibition.

The night began with a lively cocktail hour featuring refreshing drinks and beignets, where guests had the chance to mingle amongst each other, get to know the space, and meet the incredibly knowledgeable curator and sommelier who would guide them through the evening’s festivities.

After an enlightening tour of the exhibition, focusing on the highlighted artists, along with the historical and cultural context of their works, guests were invited to sit down for a first course inspired by traditional Dutch cuisine, accompanied by an expertly paired Pinot Blanc.

 Here, the true melding of art forms commences; as the dish is enjoyed, the explanation of its history, connection to the art on showcase, cultural influences, and the Chef’s own creative vision enhances the experience to stimulate the mind, imagination, and senses.

This collaborative experience between multiple artistic disciplines continues for several more courses, with gorgeously plated meat, cheese, root vegetable, fruit, and dessert dishes. We are proud to say that our guests left with a satisfied curiosity, and an expanded palate.

We would love to have you join us at our next Chef’s Table event! Book a reservation here.