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The Art Inside the Bottle

by Halle Lyle on Oct 2, 2023

Exquisitely paired wine and dishes with a thought-provoking guided journey through corresponding artworks, The Art Inside the Bottle is a must experience event!

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Pass the Salt ~ Please

Posted to: Events by Catering Works on Mar 3, 2016

Pass the Salt, Please


In actuality the salt is never passed without the pepper.  They are a pair and travel around the table together.  These are the little nuances of table manners that young people don’t necessarily know (and some grown-ups too). 

In July 2015, Catering Works had the unique idea of coupling an etiquette class for young adults conducted by Barbara Clark, A Graduate of the Emily Post Institute Etiquette Program, with some hands on experience in the kitchen.  We discussed the basics of good table manners, shaking hands, Thank You Notes (no, an email does not suffice) as well as cell phone use ~ when and where it is appropriate or not appropriate.  The tweens asked some very thoughtful questions and many already had a good grasp of table manners (good job parents)!

After the etiquette portion of the day, the students were ravenously hungry so our talented Chef Donna took the students into the kitchen where they made: mini turkey sandwiches, pimento cheese tea sandwiches, coconut kisses, mini lemon curd tarts and mini scones with jam.

We all sat at the table to enjoy the food the students prepared as well as practice some of the skills we had learned regarding “Table Manners”.  The students did a wonderful job both with the food they created and the amount they knew about etiquette.  I was very impressed.  Now pass the salt, please ~~~~

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