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Deserts Deserve the Spotlight - Help Chef Jill Win!

Posted to: Weddings by Lorin Laxton on Aug 27, 2012
For years, Catering Works has been known for its innovative recipes and outstanding service throughout North Carolina. Our reputation didn’t come about by a stroke of good luck, but because our owner, Jill Santa Lucia, possesses a commitment to quality that has ensured unforgettable experiences for all our clients. 

Since Catering Works' creation, Jill has striven to use only quality ingredients, create a “green” work environment, and produce memorable events for all of her clients. After years of dedicated work, Jill is being recognized nationwide as one of 10 dessert finalists in US Foods Next Top Product competition!

Jill’s Passion for Cooking

Jill grew up watching her grandmother in the kitchen and loved learning about all of her special recipes. Grandma made everything from scratch, and Jill was fascinated by the savory leg of lamb and delightful chocolate iced cookies. The days Jill spent in the kitchen with Grandma inspired her to pursue cooking as her career.

In 1987, Jill graduated from Johnson and Wales University with her culinary arts degree and proceeded in further studies at The Culinary Institute of America in Food Styling and Healthy cooking. She has since won numerous awards including, the Grand Prize in the Bacardi Recipe challenge for her Tropico Napoleon, first place in the Kikkoman-USA contest for her delicious Pork Chop with Apple Compote, and was a finalist in Rich’s Food Winning is Sweet competition for her decadent White Chocolate Banana Cream Tart. No stranger to the spotlight, Jill has appeared on Food Networks “Food Fight” as a locally recognized chef and judge!

Her Mini Bak Cheesecake, with figs, honey, and greek yogurt, makes a delicious and exciting entry.

[Her Mini Bak Cheesecake, with figs, honey, and greek yogurt,
makes a delicious and exciting entry!]

Today, Jill can be found in the kitchen with her daughter, Ella, creating fun and delicious new recipes. Her enthusiasm for Catering Works is contagious, as she is sure to start the day with a smile and encouraging word for everyone involved with the company. She’s honored to be a part of US Food’s Next Top Product competition and knows it is an experience she will forever cherish! 

Now, it’s your turn to help Jill win!

To support Jill and Catering Works, Log-in to Facebook, Like US Food’s Page, and VOTE!

Simply click on the Next Top Product tab, choose Raleigh in the “sort by location” drop box, and cast your vote! You can’t miss it, they’re in cute little mason jars.

Help Chef Jill put Raleigh on the map!
Support her with your vote and spread the word!