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Princess Profile of the Day: Belle

Posted to: Weddings by Lorin Laxton on Jun 25, 2012
 Princess Name: Belle
Symbol Used in Exhibit: Crystal Bell
Story: The Beast agreed to let Beauty go, if she would swear to return in seven days.
"I swear! I swear I will! How kind you are! You've made me so happy!" . Soon her father recovered from his illness and Beauty stayed beside him for hours on end, describing her life at the Castle, and explaining that the Beast was really good and kind. The days flashed past and she had failed to notice that seven days had gone by.
“Hurry! Hurry, good horse!" she said, and went onwards towards the castle, afraid that she might arrive too late. Beauty ran into the garden and there crouched the Beast. "Don't die! Don't die! I'll marry you . . ." At these words, a miracle took place. The Beast's ugly snout turned magically into the face of a handsome young man. “How I have longed for this moment, my dearest! I'll be so happy if you marry me." The wedding took place shortly after and, from that day on, the young Prince would have nothing but roses in his gardens.

Theme: Kindness

Reason for Choosing:
 This storyrelates to one of the objectives of our exhibit-- trying to showcase beauty itself. We used beautiful flowers, beautiful table settings, and beautiful colors.