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Princess Profile of the Day: Sleeping Beauty

Posted to: Weddings by Lorin Laxton on Jun 25, 2012

 Princess Name: Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty)

Symbol Used in Exhibit: Crown with thorns and rose

Story: Sleeping Beauty lay near the thorn hedge, it was nothing but large and beautiful flowers, which parted from each other of their own accord, and let the Prince pass unhurt.
There she lay, the beautiful Princess named Briar Rose who had slept for 100 years. He could not turn his eyes away, and he stooped down and gave her a kiss. But as soon as he kissed her, Briar Rose opened her eyes and awoke, and looked at him quite sweetly.
Then they went down together, and the sleeping kingdom awoke, the king and the queen, and the whole court, and they looked at each other in great astonishment. And then the marriage of the king's son with Briar Rose was celebrated with all splendor, and they lived contented to the end of their days.

Theme: Bravery

Reason for Choosing: We liked the gothic and dark side of this story. We even wanted to incorporate some thorny vines around the silver crown we used for her. Unfortunately these didn’t make it in the shipment. In the Grimm version, there is reference to the thorny briars which were the demise of the previous suitors before her true love was able to overcome this obstacle.