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The Art Inside the Bottle

by Halle Lyle on Oct 2, 2023

On August 24th, 2023, Catering Works, along with our friends at Vitis House, and The North Carolina Museum of Art presented one of our Art Inside the Bottle events. The evening, which combines exquisitely paired wine and dishes with a thought-provoking guided journey through corresponding artworks, creates a symphony of the senses and deepens the guests’ understanding of the meaning and artistry of every component. By centering the Art Inside the Bottle series around exploring Identity, Place, and Power, and highlighting the People’s Collection, Catering Works can offer guests a diverse range of culinary experiences. One example of the collaboration between art and food facilitated by this event is our Monkfish Medallions, paired with Pleffingen Dry Scherbe 2021, from Pfalz, Germany, in discussion with Alison Saar’s piece “Tippy Toes”, an exploration of Black female identity.

In creating a space where guests can find profundity that may have otherwise been lost, we are able to elevate art and artists who have mastered many different canvases. We invite you to book your reservation and join us in this collaborative venture.

If you’re interested in more details on the pairings and atmosphere included in this offering, check out Midtown Magazine's, Triangle Around Town's writeup here!