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The Language of Flowers

Posted to: Florals & Design by Lorin Laxton on May 8, 2017

Ever wonder what specific flowers symbolize?  We did, so we did some research and found some interesting facts about Bridal bouquets and symbols of love and devotion.

Did you ever consider walking down the aisle clutching a bundle of garlic and dill?

Well, if you're a stickler for tradition, you might want to think about it. Until modern times, brides did carry garlic and dill. The practice probably originated from the time of the Plague, when people clutched the herbs over their noses and mouths in a desperate effort to survive.

Magnolia means love of nature and Stephanotis signifies marital happiness? During the Victorian era, The Language of Flowers created an ultra-romantic language for lovers' correspondence in which flowers replaced words. 

Here are some other of our favorites

Cala Lilies

Meaning: Magnificent beauty

Best For: Bouquets and arrangements

Scent: Lightly fragrant

In Season: Spring and summer






Meaning: Share your feelings

Best For: Bouquets

Scent: None

In Season: Year-round




Meaning: Understanding

Best For: Bouquets and arrangements

Scent: None

In Season: Spring and fall


Meaning: Love, beauty

Best For: Bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres

Scent: None

In Season: Year-round -- almost always imported





Meaning: Bashfulness, the American spirit of ambition and determination

Best For: Arrangements and delicate bouquets

Scent: Lightly fragrant

In Season: Late spring




A to Z flower meanings from The Knot


Photography in order of appearance by:  Katherine Miles Jones Photography, Elizabeth Galecke, Anderson Shore, Neil Boyd, Mikkel Paige, Will Lampley, Kristy Boyd, Old South Studios, Megan Kime, Catering Works, Walters and Walters