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Tips for Planning your Wedding

Posted to: Weddings by Lorin Laxton on Feb 23, 2012
In our previous post, we talked about researching vendors and venues, and provided you with a list of trustworthy ones. This week, we’re giving you the Top 10 Wedding Planning Tips. As wedding experts, Catering Works is well-equipped to make your special day the best it can be. See us on Wedding Wire. We received the 2011 and 2012 Bride’s Choice Awards, in addition to a 4.9/5-star rating from our reviewers.

1. Plan early.
Venues are often booked far in advance, so make sure you start inquiring about rates 9-12 months before your wedding.

2. Come up with lists for both yourself and for your vendors.
Lists can be both task- and detail-based. If you know what you want, spell it out for your vendors, with a realistic timeline. This will help to prevent any misunderstandings later on.

3. Get all details in writing.
Most importantly, get all of your expectations and timelines into a contract. This way your needs are binding to your vendors, and you are aware of their terms. No blame (or legal action) can ensue if everything is delineated on paper.

4. Hire a coordinator to help you stay on track.
It’s easy to get frustrated and overwhelmed while planning for your big day. Don’t take on this responsibility alone--let a professional handle it for you. An experienced planner will know what to expect, and can work with vendors to adjust timelines as needed. Catering Works helps you plan your special day down to the last detail, assisting with timeline planning.

5. Develop timelines.
This is the key element holding your event together. If timelines are out of order, the quality of your event will suffer. In our last post, we talked about not letting your special day turn into chaos. Having firm deadlines and expectations can help eliminate this.

6. Follow up based on your timelines.
This is an area in which hiring a wedding planner can help. When you’re too busy, the planner can communicate with vendors to ensure everything is on track.

7. Ask questions.
This helps out with #3. Make sure you ask all vendors any questions you have, so that complications don’t come up later.

8. Stick to your budget.
Remember to not be taken with every option that comes your way. Get accurate and comprehensive quotes from all vendors, and ask questions about any items or services that may end up costing extra. Compare prices between vendors to ensure you aren’t being ripped off.

9. Relax and have fun!
The key to a successful day is to just go with the flow. Worrying about details that are now out of your control will only stress you out, distracting you from the day’s joyful purpose.

We know that you’re likely already stressing over your next wedding planning steps. Let Catering Works step in and take care of it! We are your one-source wedding solution. We offer planning, catering, custom cake, floral services, rental and entertainment coordination, and site planning. Check off all of these tips--contact us to get started.