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May Your Holiday Parties Be Merry and Bright!

Posted to: Events by Lorin Laxton on Nov 5, 2012
 Though we all look forward to the fun and traditions of the holiday months, many of us also dread the stressful planning this season usually requires. Holidays are a wonderful chance to surprise and delight your customers, clients, and coworkers, but a daunting party-planning list takes all the fun out of the joyous occasion.

Our staff is ready and waiting to make your holiday dreams come true! Like our Event Designer E.W. Fulcher. When asked what he loves to create around this time of year, he said, "I like to create edible Gifts by canning and making fresh jams and jellies; adding a baked item to the gift closer to the holiday adds just the right touch! I like collecting unusual vessels, unique cans and baskets and boexes, to rest and wrap the individual gifts in. I then finish the gift by embellishing them with holiday greenery or an ornament!"

Don't let party planning ruin your holiday fun! With our years of knowledge and experience, we're the team of elves you want on your side this season! From decadant dishes to festive decorations, from jolly entertainment to beautiful floral arrangements, we handle it all! Hire us to take care of the details, and enjoy yourself during this holiday season!

This is our favorite time of year and we love to share it with you! In order to show you just how much holiday spirit we have, we decided to show you some of our favorite designs from years past. Enjoy!