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Staying Green in 2012

Posted to: Events by Lorin Laxton on Mar 28, 2012
Catering Works strives to find new and innovative ways to reduce the environmental impact of catering and special events. Effective April 1, 2012, we will be moving to a non-disposable format for the majority of our delivery/drop off business. This means that we will no longer be leaving behind disposable plastic trays used to display cold food items, such as sandwich platters, wrap platters, deli platters or entrée salads and sides. Instead, we are switching to a non-disposable and durable melamine product to display these very popular lunch options. As such, our drivers will not only drop off food, but will return to retrieve the melamine platters. Formerly, drivers only returned for pick-ups on hot food, but now will be returning for a pick-up on the majority of cold-plattered entrees as well. The only completely disposable lunch offerings are listed under the Boxed and Bagged section of our delivery menu, so boxed or bagged lunches will remain as drop off only, with no pick up requried.
Under the new non-disposable format, we would like to advise all our clients to ensure they do not throw away the melamine platters. These are quite apparently a much heavier and durable re-usable serving platter, and each missing platter will incur a replacement charge of $10.
In some instances, we realize it may be preferable for a client to utilize a disposable serving tray. It may be a matter of convenience, or if timing or location prohibits a pick up. In this case, there will be an additional $1 per person charge added to the delivery order.
We appreciate your patience during the transition period of this new delivery format, and thank you for your support in reducing plastic waste. Please contact us at 919-828-5932 if you have any questions or concerns.