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The Perfect Party Venue

Posted to: Events by Lorin Laxton on Nov 8, 2012

Finding the perfect venue for your wedding reception or corporate event can be a difficult and, sometimes, stressful task! Locating a space with an aesthetically appealing ambiance, quality amenities for event preparation and guest enjoyment, and a great location is hard to come by: however, we think we’ve found a gem!

Nestled in the heart of downtown Raleigh, off bustling Fayetteville Street, is the Stockroom at 230. Sitting on the second floor of the historic Carolina Trust Building, it’s the perfect metropolitan venue and possesses everything the perfect venue could need!

The ambiance of The Stockroom is ideal. Its high ceilings supported by architectural trusses, the floor to ceiling exposed brick walls and the gorgeous hardwood floors create a cozy, romantic and welcoming atmosphere. An elevated platform at the front is the perfect spot for a live band, a delicious dinner buffet, or a special spot for the guests of honor! Also, with 3,800 square feet of open space, you have enough room to fit all your friends and family.

Preparation for your event couldn’t be easier with The Stockroom’s amenities!. It’s large kitchen is the perfect space for your caterer to store their goodies and add final touches. Also, this venue doesn’t limit event decorations, but encourages you to make the space your own! It allows plenty of time for your talented caterers, florists, and dj or band to set up and prepare for the big night!

Finally, The Stockroom couldn’t have a better location! It’s only a few steps away from some of the best restaurants and bars in Raleigh, and Fayetteville St. is arguably the prettiest street downtown! Simply by driving down this romantic street, and walking up the narrow stairway to The Stockroom, your guests excitement for the evening will blossom! Also, the elation your event created doesn’t have to end once the final song plays. Your guests can continue their evening by walking to a hot spot downtown where they can spend the rest of the night reminiscing about the fun times they just had!

If you’re looking for a romantic spot with wonderful amenities and an outstanding location, then there is no reason to look any further than The Stockroom! Check it out and let us know what you think!

What event do you think would be perfect to host at The Stockroom?

(Image via: A Bridal Soiree)